What Can We Do For Your Organization?



Lowthian Design Works is one of the single most important partnerships that our organization, Programa Velasco has made since we were founded in 2007. We are based in the US but operate in El Salvador. Our web presence is the predominate way people learn and reference our work. Prior to partnering with LDW, we had a simple, uninspiring and unprofessional web presence. Therefore, our organization was seen as such.

As a result of working with LDW, our organization's website, online donation platform and e-newsletter campaigns all convey that we are a trustworthy, professional and legitimate organization that successfully carries our our mission. LDW's staff trained our our staff to build, edit and maintain the site's function. Our staff takes ownership in our web presence and feels empowered and competent to make improvements. LDW's staff is extremely helpful, patient, and always willing to teach you how to do something. I highly recommend that organizations partner with LDW to benefit from gaining the skills to maintain their websites and receive LDW's ongoing support.

Annie Boyd Programa Velasco