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Basic Security Plan

Any website is vulnerable to attack by malware. This means that what is called a “bot” has a mission to find a specific vulnerability in your website. This might be an out of date plugin, a theme that needs updating or some other way to gain access to the inner working of your website. Once in, it has a further mission to create code that will either serve up advertising, or help with attacks on other websites, or sometimes even to infect peoples computers. Yes, your website can become a tool to attack your visitors computer. Every bot has it’s own mission, and your website is getting checked by bots every day. Once attacked, cleanup and repair can be costly especially if you don’t have backed up copies of your website.

For this reason we have created a basic service to backup your website daily, and install safeguards to prevent attack in the first place. If your site is ever attacked, within 24 hours we can have it cleaned and restored (included). This and more is all included in our complete maintenance plan, however we wanted to offer this plan for those that don’t have much budget, but still need protection.

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We will monitor in real time for website outages. If it is something we can fix, we will attempt to do so. If it is a problem with your hosting provider we will let you know to contact them.


We will update all core files of Joomla or WordPress, plugins and themes. We will update plugins at least weekly and site updates immediately after release.

We will monitor your site real-time for attacks, and if attacked promptly clean and/or restore the site. We will install plugins and create the best settings to further increase your security.

We will perform weekly backups of the site files and database. Monthly backups are stored  offsite at a third party cloud storage service.

If your site is ever infected with malware during your service time, we will restore it within 24 hours to the most recent backup. If your site has already been attacked, read here.

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