What People Have Said About Lowthian Design Works

Several years ago, we lost control of our website—volunteers moved on and technology changed, and we were a small, struggling nonprofit who could not afford the price of professional help. Or so we thought. Lowthian Design Works came to our rescue—found us a free host for our site, pointed us to Wordpress and helped us choose a template, then customized it just for us. What we have now is an up-to-date site that users tell us is very accessible and helpful. And we can update it easily ourselves. The folks at Lowthian have been quick to help us when issues arise, and they make sure the solutions are what we want. From start to finish, they have offered support for our vision rather than foist something on us. We could not imagine a better relationship.

Ralph Huchinson Orepa.org

As a writer and journalist who works to feature the poor I am constantly on the move and I don't have the time to manage or design a website. For a very fair price Lowthian Design Works has allowed myself and the stories that I tell to have a voice on the web. Lowthian Design Works has worked tirelessly with me. Together we have designed two English speaking websites and one Turkish website. The dedication, sacrifice and effort displayed by Lowthian is the best on web, bar none. If you are lucky enough to work with Lowthian Design Works you can know that Lowthian's staff believes in your work and that you are a part of the Lowthian family.

Sean David Hobbs SeanDavidHobbs.com

Lowthian Design Works is one of the single most important partnerships that our organization, Programa Velasco has made since we were founded in 2007. We are based in the US but operate in El Salvador. Our web presence is the predominate way people learn and reference our work. Prior to partnering with LDW, we had a simple, uninspiring and unprofessional web presence. Therefore, our organization was seen as such. As a result of working with LDW, our organization’s website, online donation platform and e-newsletter campaigns all convey that we are a trustworthy, professional and legitimate organization that successfully carries our our mission. LDW’s staff trained our our staff to build, edit and maintain the site’s function. Our staff takes ownership in our web presence and feels empowered and competent to make improvements. LDW’s staff is extremely helpful, patient, and always willing to teach you how to do something. I highly recommend that organizations partner with LDW to benefit from gaining the skills to maintain their websites and receive LDW’s ongoing support.

Annie Boyd ProgramaVelasco.org

We have worked with Geoffrey for over 15 years and always enjoy what his great attitude and spirit bring to a project. He goes above and beyond to make sure that we are pleased with his work!

Bill Harris Cafe Campesino