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Website and Blog Design

webdesignWe work with you to create a visually appealing, easy to navigate web presence. Whether you need a blog, or a complete website, we will help you choose from from hundreds of beautiful, available templates (such as the ones used on this site or in our portfolio), or if needed, we can create one from scratch.

We generally use Content Management Systems such as Joomla and WordPress to create the site making it easy for you to edit your own site. If you already have a site, we can migrate it into a content management system while keeping your current design, or helping you create a new one.

We offer training once your site is set up to help you get rolling, and we will be available anytime you need further help, or to add tools and make design changes.

Mobile Devices

If you would like your site readable on mobile devices, we can help you choose a template and make it automatically render correctly on mobile devices. If you would like to see what this can look like, visit our blog, Lowthian.org with your handheld device to see how it looks.
Domain Name Registration and Hosting
This can sometimes be intimidating. We will help you with the process from choosing a domain name, getting it registered and setting up hosting. We have a great relationship with our hosting company, and can find you great pricing. Alternatively if you already have hosting, we can assess your arrangement to make sure it is one that is most appropriate for your needs. If you are a 501c3 organization, we will be able to offer free hosting.

It is very important that you maintain control of your site so we will help you set everything up so that you will always know how to make changes.

We can either turn management over to you, or you can leave us registered on your account so that we can keep track and remind you when action is necessary.

Newsletters and Email Marketing
Files and FormsWe love to see your site promoted. Newsletters can be one of the best ways to get this done. We can help you develop a list and come up with a strategy to keep them updated about the work you are doing. If you already have a list we can offer ways to manage that list and send out targeted emails.

Once you have your list started, we will help you grow that list with a form on your website, as well as offering suggestions to get new addresses from sources such as Facebook.

We can then create an attractive template for your newsletter, and set it up so that you can take care of the content and sending on your decided interval.

Once the newsletter is sent, we can help you look at the statistics of how many people opened it and who clicked on links. Together we can come up with a strategy for improvement.

Files and Forms
Files and Forms
If you have files for your web visitors to download, we can help you with an attractive and  practical way to include them, as well as helping you with various formats.

If you would like to add a form, from a simple contact us form to a complex questionnaire or registration form we can find a plugin that meets your needs. Some will send you the form via email, some will keep results in a database and some will do both. Please let us know exactly what you need.

E-commerce / Shopping Sites
Do you have something to sell? We can help you find a third party e-commerce selection and set up your online store. We are a Bigcommerce partner, and have had experience with Google, Paypal, Moo-commerce, Miva, Mail Order Manager, and Volusion and Zen Cart, as well as some custom built systems. We can help you select a system that works best for your product line and specific customer needs. We will make sure that you know how to make changes to your store and make the design compliment your website.
We can help you implement a donation system on your site. We work with Paypal, Stripe, as well as other credit card providers to set up a donation system that is easy for your donors to use. We will encourage you to let us install a secure certificate on your website adding a layer of security that means donations can safely be registered right on your website. No need to leave to another site, which can lead to an increase in donations.
Community Based Websites
Using open source software such as WordPress or Joomla, we can create a website that, with a little practice, you will be able to log in and make changes to without knowing programming languages or depending upon outside help. This can help take the burden off of one person to maintain the site as you can add users with various levels of responsibility. We will show you how to add users, remove users, and set up user registration on your website.

These sites can also be used to encourage participation by the greater community of your website visitors. We can add everything from simple comments on articles to allowing visitors to create profiles with bios, avatars, and friends.

Do you need a forum? We can set up a user forum that allows people to post threads, comment on threads and again create profiles for themselves.

Plugins and Mashups
Plugins and Mashups
There are many great add-ons to websites. We can help you with such things as: embedding dynamic maps, calendars, blogs, forums, polls, Facebook feeds, podcasts and many many more. Let us know what you need and we will find a solution, test it, and implement it into your site.

Be sure to let us know your needs early on in the development, even if it is something for the future as we would like to choose the best website platform based on your needs both now and into the future.

Search Engine Optimization
This is another complicated area of web presence. It has been made very complicated by so many opinions about how best to accomplish getting high rankings on Google and other search engines. We have found the best strategy is to create a useful and informative site for your human viewers. Ultimately that is what the search engines are trying to create is results that satisfy the searcher’s needs.

That being said, we will work with you on creating the content that best shares your message with others, once that is done we can help you with a strategy to get more visitors to your site, which in turn will help with your ranking on the search engines. We have had over 10 years of experience and have learned what really works.

Site Migration
movingDo you need to move your site to a new or better URL?

We can handle all of the aspects including migration, redirecting old traffic, submitting change of address to major search engines (google and bing), archiving any old data so that you can still view but it is removed from public view.

All this will keep your visitors happy and minimize the hit that you will take in the search engines.

Photo Galleries
Sample Gallery

Do you have photos to share? Whether you have a lot, or just a few we can help you decide the best way to share them with your visitors. We have many ways they can be included in articles individually, or as a gallery, or if you have a lot of photos we can create a website for them to be downloaded, or purchased.

Marketing and Social Networking

The internet is ever-evolving into a more interactive place. With Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networks out there, we can help you come up with strategies and point you in the right directions for further resources to help you understand how to make these sites work for you, and drive more traffic to your website.
Monitoring and Performance Analysis
Using Piwik or Google Analytics, we can provide you with an easy to use dashboard to monitor all aspects of your website traffic and then use this information to attract even more visitors. We can help you understand these statistics and then use them to further enhance your visitor’s experience on your website.
Let's Get Started

We hope that you have found what you were looking for. If not let us know, the world of web design and web marketing is vast and there are many new to0ls being added to our toolbox that we would like to share with you. If there is something we did not cover that you were looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to offer services, or point you in a good direction to find someone who can.

We look forward to meeting with you and finding out how we can help. The first step is for you to put together your thoughts and then share them with us or another web-design partner. Please fill out our client worksheet, and if we feel like you are a good match for our services we can put together a plan for you.