After growing up in Minneapolis, and knowing very little about the south, I found myself travelling and searching for a purpose in the early 90s. After various adventures, I found myself in Americus Georgia, a place I had never heard of, and had no idea what an impact this place would have upon my life.

After living and volunteering at Koinonia Farm for over 7 years, I met so many wonderful people there and in town who also found a special purpose in Americus. through their example and guidance I not only found a purpose but discovered so much about myself along the way, and it has shaped who I am today.

Though I am now living in Guatemala, I still make time to visit #MyAmericus and it holds such a special place in my heart. Thanks to all my wonderful friends there for all that you have shared with me, and I really hope that the #smallbusinessrevolution can see even a fraction of what I have discovered in #myAmericus. If so, then it will be guaranteed that they will choose #myAmericus as their next season’s town!

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