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Remove all spam comments
Every week we will mark and remove all spam comments. If needed we can add more spam filtering or captcha plugins to reduce the amount of spam being received.
Update WordPress or Joomla, all plugins and themes
We will update all core files of Joomla or WordPress, plugins and themes. It is extremely important to keep everything up to date. More important than just for new features is to make sure your site is free from vulnerabilities. Outdated files and plugins make create opportunities for spyware and malware infections. We will update plugins weekly and site updates immediately after release.
Plugin & Theme Installs
We can help you find and install plugins to add functionality to your site.

You can request installation of new themes and plugins and we will take care of installation, setup and testing. Theme modifications can be performed for additional fees.

Security check for malware
We will monitor your site real-time for attacks, and if attacked promptly clean and/or restore the site. We will install plugins and create the best settings to further increase your security. If your site has already been attacked, read here.
Site backup
We will perform daily backups of the site files and daily backups of the database. Backups are stored both on the local server and offsite at a third party cloud storage service.
Site restoration
We will work to protect your site against attack with the best possible resources, unfortunately attackers always work to stay one step ahead. That is why we do daily backups of your site. If it is attacked we can quickly restore it from a backup. If you have done work on the site between the restore and the attack, we will do our best to restore that data as well. If
Site optimization
We will do weekly optimization of your database and add some tools to keep your site moving as quickly as possible for your visitors.
Fix Broken Links
We will monitor for broken links on your website and repair them so your visitors will not see “404 Page Not Found” messages.
Optional: Google/Facebook/Twitter tweaks
We can make some basic tweaks to your website to make it more friendly to Google and other search engines as well as sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
Optional: Improve SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to make sure your website is seen in a competitive market on search engines like Google and Bing. With your permission we can make tweaks to your site that will over time improve your visibility in search results.
Optional: User Accounts
We can create new user account for you if you like and send the user instructions about how to log into the site and get started.
Optional: Host monitoring
If you desire, we will monitor your hosting to make sure your domains and hosting are renewed to avoid expiration and site outages. We can also set up and manage your organizations email.
Optional: Google Analytics
If you desire, we can set up your site to work with Google Analytics to track traffic and sources of traffic to your website.
Bonus: Email support
During the term of your contract we will offer unlimited email support. Contact us anytime using our priority email address if you have questions or concerns about your site.


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