Pricing or “Rates”

We typically receive between $400-$1000 to complete the process of setting up a new website depending on your needs. If you have an existing website, we can help you upgrade with one of our Maintenance Plans below. Website maintenance is often neglected and this is regretted when a website becomes one of the estimated 10,000 websites that get hacked each day 1. Cleanup is difficult and expensive and often results in a loss of data. All of our plans include daily backups, and security measures to keep your site safe from attack so you don’t need to worry. If you feel uncertain about any of this, please contact us we want to make sure that the finances do not interfere with our being able to help you set up the website you are looking for. Take a few minutes to fill out our client worksheet, and we will let you know if we feel your needs are a good fit.

Not all of our services are listed, these are the most common. If you are needing help with something else, please contact us and we can help you with which plan suits your needs best.

Notes:  * Does not include price of the theme or customization, we can discuss all charges before installing a new theme. Support for basic plan is for backup and security related issues, other plans cover any and all matters related to website, hosting, design and use.  Limited training means we will resources for self guided learning. Full training is helping you via email and phone/Skype to walk you through complete setup and use of your website. § This is the plan for an organization without a WordPress or Joomla website. We will offer assistance on sending newsletters, edits to website, assistance on using and updating website all as needed and includes unlimited email support. Skype and Phone support is limited to an average of 2 hours/month (negotiable) after that will be billed at an hourly rate.

These plans were set up for WordPress and Joomla, so some will not apply to Bigcommerce sites. Please contact us for more details about e-commerce sites.

1 Google reported on their official blog that 10,000 sites get hacked every day. Since then reports are even higher.

Prices and plans subject to change. Existing customers will receive at least 1 month notice of change.