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E-commerce plan

We partner with non-profits and cause driven organizations to offer training and support to make sure your e-commerce site is providing the best possible results. Both in design and function, we will help you achieve an impressive online presence to showcase your products. We only work with Bigcommerce SaaS platform as we have found they offer the best results for the price. Out of the box they offer very good SEO and design options. We keep up-to-date with all developments and improvements to we can deploy them on your site. As a Bigcommerce partner organization we have access to a high level of support and tools to help us get the work done.

The following are covered under our e-commerce plan:

Contact us anytime via email, phone or Skype. We will set up an initial phone or Skype call to discuss initial plans for your site. After that you can contact us anytime by email, or set up a time for us to call or Skype. If we don’t know the answer to a question or request, we will do the research, or contact specific support for themes or plugins for you. We give you the go-to for all your website questions rather than you having to try and figure out who to contact.

Via phone or Skype (or in person if you are willing to cover travel expenses), we can set up a time for training. Whether this be you, or members of your staff, we can help you with all aspects of keeping your site up-to-date, adding products and processing orders. We will also make recommendations on shipping services and other aspects of order fulfillment. We will schedule up to 7 hours/month for the first 3 months and up to 3 hours each month thereafter as requested.

Does your organization need (or need to improve) your email system? If requested we can help you choose a provider that meets your needs as well as set up email accounts, aliases and groups. We remain ready if you add a new staff person, or have special email needs for your organization. We have certification in Google G-Suite management as well as experience in other email systems.

Whenever you are ready for a new look, we can help you find and install new themes*. We will help you migrate so that your content will remain intact and look great in the new theme. Once the theme is installed we can create a punch list of items you would like changed to make it your own.
*Price of the theme is not included.

We will install Google Analytics tracking code and help you set up your account. We also set up Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools). After that, upon request, we can help you understand all of the data available to track your site visitors from where they came from to what they do while they are on your site.

If requested we can also make recommendations on improving your content to improve your search results and work out a plan for ongoing improvement.

Sites receive spam, and although we cannot stop it all and still allow people to add comments to your website, we will do our best to block spam comments and remove them from your site. We can set up your site and show you how to monitor comments and product reviews. We will work to find you the right balance of security and ease of use for your customers.

Most sites have links, both internal and to external resources. We will monitor these links and if something changes we will either fix it for you, or contact you to see if you would like to update or remove it.

We can pull a report about your site speed and make behind the scenes adjustments to make your site perform better, both for your clients and to improve your SEO ratings.

We will monitor in real time for website outages. If it is something we can fix, we will attempt to do so. If it is a problem with your provider we will let you know to contact them. If you are using our recommended provider, we will contact them for you and work to get the site back up as quickly as possible.

We will perform weekly backups of your order and customer databases, product database as well as the theme files. Backups are stored offsite at a third party cloud storage service*.
*Currently Google

We will update themes whenever necessary. We will compare any customizations made to the site to make sure they are not lost with the update. We will then ask you to look carefully over the site for any problems and roll it back to the previous them if we find any. Then we will work to find fixes and update again.

If something is not working right, contact us immediately and we will do our best to fix it right away. If we cannot find a fix, we will contact Bigcommerce for you and work with their support to find a resolution. We also log in regularly and check the store logs for any unusual activity to stop a problem before it develops.

If anything is missing above, other needs can be met as well. We have experience in many areas of technology. Please let us know if there is anything else you need help with and we can either advise or make a recommendation of a provider for you.

E-commerce plan


$ 110
  • Everything above + Phone/Skype support about any issue.
  • $100/month or $1,200/year

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