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Helping Non-profits and cause based organizations with their websites for over 20 years.

Lowthian Design Works was founded in 1999 as Alternative Web Areas (AWA) to meet the web design needs of one organization. Our work soon spread by word-of-mouth, and as more organizations turned to us for our web design expertise, our model evolved to focus on creating a web presence that truly represents each client’s unique character.

We specialize in helping non-profits with creative ideas for their website, but limited technical know-how. We take their vision and bring it to life, while also handling all the website management to free up the organization’s time. Our goal is to make website management a fun and dynamic part of their marketing strategy, not a burden.

Using the latest technologies, we keep our clients’ websites current and dynamic. We are always available for support and updates, and embrace new technology opportunities to improve our clients’ web presence. As a partner of the Bigcommerce platform, we offer complete support for e-commerce websites, as well as other technologies such as analytics, email campaigns, and social media marketing.

We believe that budget should not limit a good organization’s ability to have a strong web presence. We have partnerships that provide free web hosting for 501C3 organizations, access to free Google products such as email hosting and advertising grants, and favorable rates for donation credit card processing. Our goal is to develop a long-term partnership to support our clients’ web and technology needs, and do our part in making the world a better place.

Our Methodology

Let’s make your website work for you and your visitors. We’ll assess your current site, understand your audience’s needs, and create a user-friendly design that makes finding what they’re looking for a breeze. In today’s fast-paced digital world, you can’t afford to lose visitors to a cluttered or slow site.

We’ll optimize key areas such as:

  • Navigation: Quick and easy access to the information your visitors want
  • Responsiveness: A seamless experience across all devices, from desktops to smartphones
  • Mechanics: Essential features like forms, donations, and other components to meet your organization’s needs
  • Speed: Faster load times for a better user experience and improved search engine rankings
  • And anything else that can enhance your visitor’s experience and support for your organization.

Let’s work together to assess the visual identity of your current website (if you have one) and ensure it accurately reflects your brand and personality. We’ll ask for your favorite website examples and review both the strengths and weaknesses of your current site and those other sites to come up with the best design for you. And don’t forget to gather feedback from others, like your board, clients, supporters, or customers, to gauge their perspectives on your site.

We’ll lay out the plan of action with Lowthian Design and you as our client. We don’t go the traditional route of presenting you with an expensive new website and hoping you like it. Instead, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you, showing you how to add new content while we revamp the design. We’ll create a test site, transfer any essential content, and collaborate with you on design and navigation until you’re 100% satisfied. Then, we’ll activate the changes on the live site.

We’ll start by taking your current site and any favorite sites or ideas you have as a foundation for the construction process. We’ll be guided by your vision and direction throughout the project. Instead of just building and hoping you like the outcome, we’ll work closely with you, checking in at every step to make sure it’s aligned with your vision. The clearer your direction, the smoother and quicker the process will be.

Our aim is to empower you to confidently manage and update your website with ease. We’ll be there to provide technical support keep your site safe and secure. We will offer ongoing training to help you grow your skills and take full control of your site. Don’t worry if you’re new to website editing, we’ll work at your pace and handle any one-time technical tasks so you can focus on keeping your site fresh and current.

We’ve got your site covered with all the necessary maintenance tasks, including security updates, backups, and platform upgrades. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve your site with the latest technology.

Our maintenance package includes:

  • Daily site backups for peace of mind, and quick access when needed.
  • One-month backup storage for added security.
  • Regular plugin and platform updates for optimal performance.
  • Advanced firewall and security measures to keep your site safe from potential threats.
  • 24/7 site uptime monitoring for seamless website availability.

As your trusted web technology partner, we’ve got you covered. Leave the technicalities to us and focus on creating impactful content for your site. If you encounter any issues, simply reach out and we’ll have it fixed promptly, or update you within 24 hours. Don’t waste time searching for answers, we’re here to provide the support you need. From site maintenance to content updates, our goal is to empower you with the skills and confidence to take control of your website. Count on us for ongoing support and training.

“Never think of any right effort as being fruitless. All right effort bears fruit, whether we see the results or not.”

-Peace Pilgrim

“I don’t want to be a leader. I want to be one who goes around with a little oil can and offer help when I see a breakdown. The mechanic with the oilcan, that is my ideal in life.”

-Baba Amte

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.”
-Lewis Cass
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