Partnering with great organizations since 1999

Helping Non-profits and cause based organizatios with their websites for over 20 years.

Lowthian Design Works was born in 1999 as Alternative Web Areas (AWA) in response to one organization’s need for a website. After the first website, there was another, then another gained by word-of-mouth. As the number of organizations with Lowthian-designed sites grew, our model evolved as well: a partnership based on creating a web presence that represents each client’s unique character, created by those who know it best.

At LDW we believe that a design firm should give each client more than a list of sites to choose from, without input into the design itself. We work step by step along with each organization, giving the client complete control and ownership of the process. We don’t believe in “selling” someone a website then walking away with the payment.

We use the latest technologies to keep websites current and dynamic. After creating or updating a clients website we remain available for support and updates as needed through a partnership of availability and communication. If better technology options show up, we work with our clients to update and take advantage of these opportunities to improve their web presence.

We have been working on customizing websites since 1999, and in 2006 we started migrating all of our sites to WordPress and Joomla. We have worked in various e-commerce platforms, however now we offer complete support as a partner with the Bigcommerce platform. We not only help with websites, but assist with related technologies such as analytics, email campaigns, social media and other marketing ideas.

We don’t have rates for setting up a new sites for non-profit organizations. We will work with organizations that we can believe in and trust. That includes trusting that the organization will compensate us fairly on a schedule that works for them. In a world where the internet is essential to spreading the word about good work and important causes, we believe that a budget should not limit a good organization’s ability to have a great-looking, functional web presence. We would rather develop a long term relationship of supporting the organization with their web and technology needs. We do periodically take on pro-bono clients because some of our long term clients have been generous enough with support above and beyond the amount of time we have put into their needs.

Above all, we trust that by helping make the world a better place, all of our needs will be met. 

“Never think of any right effort as being fruitless. All right effort bears fruit, whether we see the results or not.”

-Peace Pilgrim

“I don’t want to be a leader. I want to be one who goes around with a little oil can and offer help when I see a breakdown. The mechanic with the oilcan, that is my ideal in life.”

-Baba Amte

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.”
-Lewis Cass

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